So how did I end up here?

Traveling Texts (a.k.a., snapshot samplings from my phone)


  • 7a.m. departure = crack of noon. Headed for Indianapolis instead of Wisconsin.
  • Can’t drive 14hr when you begin at noon. We were up past midnight trying to fit stuff in the cars… it didn’t. Had to re-do in the AM and then mail 2 huge boxes.
  • Driving in a thunderstorm.  Good test of the makeshift roof carrier. Glad I’m not at the wheel!


  • Gray and rainy. Discovered very back van seat is a comfy recliner. Had a nice nap already!   (9:53am)
  • Long drive in a driving rain. Glad to be on break in backseat.
  • Iowa City = Potty break.
  • Just traded drivers again. Back in my “lounge chair” listening to bluegrass. (3:04pm)
  • Saw a white cloud shaped like a poodle.


  • At Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD
  • T-shirt: “age improves with wine”
  • Traveling thru SD badlands today.
  • Safe at the Rocket Motel—a blast from the past in Custer, SD.
  • Ah, the tall pine forests of the west! Fresh air without A/C! Feels like I’m coming Home.
  • Our hearts know where home should be


  • Wall Drug: 5-cent coffee and our 3rd day driving in a T-storm.
  • My butt hurts from sitting for 4 days. The cat is enjoying the ride more than I am! Of course, she gets to lay down.
  • My kingdom for a queen-size feather bed!
  • In Wyoming. Saw snow-capped mountains today. Sleeping in Montana tonight.


  • I feel like a cowboy when I chew on a sip of coffee & grounds while riding through the mountains of Montana.

5 thoughts on “So how did I end up here?

  1. So happy to see you back in the land of blog! Love the new title and the trip sounds like it was interesting. Can’t wait to see some photos. Nothing much has been happening with me, I have the appt for my hip surgery – Sep 23!

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