What in the world is SPOKALULU?!

Welcome to my blog!

My new hometown is full of spokes—bike spokes. There are bikes everywhere: under kids, under commuters, under anyone who doesn’t have a disability tag hanging from a rear-view mirror. And living here might just produce a lulu of a tale, what with my husband being newly retired.  He says I am his mid-life crisis, and for the next year he is my personal trainer and chef. I’m confident we will survive his crisis; we’ve been married for a couple dozen years. We have a tween who is still more child than teen (I can hear that clock ticking), a high-schooler with an overly-full load of classes and a driver’s permit, and 2 man-cubs off at college.


9 thoughts on “What in the world is SPOKALULU?!

  1. LOL..what an opening post. I love it. I know you will survive all of this. Glad you are settled and in your new digs. I’m not posting much. Lot’s going on but I do keep in touch. This is going to be one Lulu of a blog I just know it 🙂

  2. I love the original name of your new blog. A new home….with a new blog. Fitting.
    Hopefully you are starting to feel at home and enjoying your new surroundings!

  3. Welcome back to blogland! I have so missed you and I’m really looking forward to your tales from Spokane – which incidentally is close enough to Vancouver BC that one might visit both places in a normal holiday… Just warning you!

  4. WELL HELLO! welcome back to bloggage! can’t wait to hear more about your spoke-tacular new town 🙂

    my last 2 months have been a whirlwind. lots of travel, lots of unexpected natural disasters, lots of insane heat. i’m ready as can be for fall!!

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