There’s a welcome sign over the WC door

We hung a few more pictures today. It’s peculiar to discover, when you move to a new house, that you cannot continue to hang the same pictures in the same places. The dining room, for instance, is terra cotta at night (apricot in daylight) — a big change from the sage green of our previous dining room. The same décor doesn’t work here. Our cowboy-themed living room has been left behind with the wood paneling in Virginia; horse lamps are relegated to the bedroom, one Charles Russell is now above the dining room fireplace (where it may or may not stay) and another is in the WC  of all places.

Yes, when a person steps into the powder room outhouse and closes the door, he or she is surrounded by horses. I blame the mirror.                     


9 thoughts on “There’s a welcome sign over the WC door

  1. You are so right about the decorating & picture-hanging thing. We just moved too and I had the same experience. I didn’t really know that I was tired of some of the paintings & pictures until I struggled to find a place to hang them. I gave some to my kids who have fond memories of seeing them hanging on the walls in our old house and I breathed new life into others when I hung them in areas that I don’t see them that much—like the basement rec room.

  2. Yay! Welcome back to the bloggy world. Glad you are getting settled. What’s new with me? After a year plus of being unemployed, I got a job! And I agree, we need pics of your decorating.

  3. in the house i grew up in, the powder room was decorated with dozens of old photos my mom had collected over the years. we had no idea who most of them were – just all these b&w framed people and faces staring at you while you peed. it unnerved some people 😀

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