One of those days… er, WEEKS

Ever have one of those days?

My blogging time is rather limited these days. I wish I had more time to visit each of you — and even more so, I wish I could visit in person.

It’s been one of those weeks.

I’m offline (unless I’ve been lucky enough to find free, unsecured WiFi), back  at Mom’s house, helping prepare for an estate sale.

Yes, this is a scheduled post…


11 thoughts on “One of those days… er, WEEKS

  1. 4½ years ago, my siblings and I were in the same situation – a house-full of our mother’s belongings to sort out/discard/divide. We did all that in an amicable way – but I wish we all would have spent more time asking Mom about thigs – before she died. I miss her so much, because she was one of the keys to my past.

  2. I see by the wine that you are doing quite well out there, spokalulu. Tell kcinnova that I miss her very much but still enjoy checking in with your new persona now and again. By the way, if your husband would like to be worship leader next week at SAPC, I’m sure I can arrange that. now, can I have a glass of Mad Housewife wine, too?

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