A little of this, a little of that

[click on photo to embiggen]

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but really — when is it not busy?  Here are 5 bits and pieces of what has been going on in my life:

1.  I returned to my mother’s house, sans menfolk. I transferred ownership of her cat to my cousin, since things never did work out between Fiji and Cleopatra. I spent a couple of days helping my SIL go through stuff and prepare for an estate sale.  I cheered on my nephew in football on Wednesday evening. And I wrote yesterday about my wonderful time with Mrs. G, who lives in the same town where my mother lived.

2.  The photo above wasn’t taken on that trip, however; I took it after we dropped our college sons off at the university back in mid-August. If you click on the photo, you will see it is more than a PINK SATURDAY submission… there is a rainbow coming down from the pink clouds.

3.  Last night was the final night of classroom driver education for H-J. He still needs plenty of practice (i.e., I still wish my minivan had a brake pedal on the passenger side!) but at least we no longer have to set aside 3 hours, 3 nights per week.

4. Tonight my beloved MIL & FIL are in town for the high school football game. H-J is playing in the band and his cousin (different nephew than above) is the excellent kicker on our mediocre team. Seriously, this kid is good: he can kick a 42-yard field goal. But he prefers soccer and basketball. H-J prefers band.

5. My sister is also going to be in town tonight. I brought back her final load of belongings from our mother’s house, and she is making a 2-day round trip to pick it all up. I think it only saves her 3 hours of driving, but I was most interesting in having some time together. We have seen very little of each other since she went off to college when I was still in middle school.

That is what has been happening in my world. What news do you have to share?


Thanks to Aunt Snow over at Doves Today, I’ve been inspired to join in PINK SATURDAY, hosted by Beverly at the blog “How Sweet the Sound”. Let the color pink inspire you!