Arboretum morning: 5 Friday photos

As you might already know, my husband has taken on a one-year commitment as my personal trainer. It’s not an easy job; the hours are long, the goal is lofty, and I can be a master complainer. He also has to meal plan and prepare healthy foods (which, sadly, do not include significant quantities of chocolate). To his credit, the meals have mostly been delightful and he is finding interesting things to do for our activities.

Today we took a walk through the arboretum in our city.

arboretum creek

The weather was cold and damp. I was grateful for my warm hiking boots that kept the wet ground from seeping moisture onto my toes.

There wasn’t a lot of  the gorgeous fall color I’d become accustomed to when living a few hours outside our nation’s capital, but I did notice quite a bit of pink!

I’ll be out of town again for a few days next week — back to Mom’s house to help a bit more with the cleaning out. I wanted to get at least one more trip in before the mountain passes get their winter snows. It gives my husband a break, too. Being my personal trainer and chef is a full-time job!


Thanks to Aunt Snow over at Doves Today, I’ve been inspired to join in PINK SATURDAY, hosted by Beverly at the blog “How Sweet the Sound”. Let the color pink inspire you!