MTM: On the River in Autumn

Yesterday was a beautiful day, possibly one of the last really nice days of fall, so by mid-day, SuperDad & SnakeMaster were inflating the new kayak for its maiden voyage on the river. The chosen place to park and unload happened to be about as far as possible from the van to river entry, but I do admit it was a lovely view of downtown.

While his father was inflating the kayak, SM climbed up to an old bridge abutment. Somewhere (probably still in a box packed from moving) I have a picture of his father flying a kite in this very spot. SM didn’t seem thrilled with this information, but I found it interesting.

It's a long way down to the river.

My plan was to do some walking and take photos while they paddled downstream. What a treat to discover that they were in one of my photographs!

Click on the above picture to enlarge it. Can you see them in our kayak? 

I went to meet them at a midway point, to hand off the thermos, but they had been paddling fast and already passed me!

I drove to the state park, hooked the annual pass over the rear view mirror, and hung out above the rapids where I was pretty sure they would pull out of the river.

After we hauled everything up the hill to the parking lot, we went to check out the view from the suspension bridge. The original bridge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps; they built it off-site, then hauled it here in 2 parts. It took ten days to put it back together and span 216 feet across the river. This new bridge was built in 1998 using the original plans, which goes to show that you can  “build ’em like they used to!”

In the photo above, SnakeMaster & SuperDad are discussing the possibility of shooting the rapids in low water.  In May, they are world-class rapids and it would be a death-wish for most people to attempt.