Thankful Thursday

Today I am especially thankful for:

  • an uneventful, successful colonoscopy with normal results. If you get the opportunity to take a split regimen of SUPREP instead of a large jug to drink throughout the night, take the SUPREP. Less nastiness to drink (but still plenty of water) and it will probably increase your chance of a decent night of sleep.
  • a safe, caring home for my father. He has Parkinson’s and his wife (she is 82 years old) is unable to take care of him. They have found a good place for him to live, where attendants can help him back to bed when his body forgets how to walk and where health care providers can usually come to him instead of him having to travel for most appointments.
  • caring friends who see through the humor and share their concern.

Mary Alice is the originator of Thankful Thursday. Sadly, she is no longer blogging, but I am grateful to her for the idea of being mindfully thankful every Thursday and not just on Thanksgiving Day.

My blog-friend Hilary has a wonderful way of sharing terrific posts with others in a regular feature called Posts of the Week.

This week she pointed me over to Suldog where Jim is promoting Thanksgiving Comes First.
I don’t have my own TCF post written yet, so please take a few minutes and read Jim’s.

Thank you.