A little bird told me

It’s October, and if you don’t already know by now, that means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have no doubt that breast cancer has affected someone in your circle of love — be that a grandmother, sister, friend, or even you.

As I was considering what to share for Pink Saturday, I realized it was right in front of me. I’ve been wearing this necklace to church every Sunday this month because it is pink. (Those who know me will realize they hardly ever see me in pink. I much prefer red, blue, or classic black.) I’ve been surprised that no one has commented on this heishi necklace because it is a little bit unusual in my neck of the woods. It belonged to my grandmother who lived in Santa Fe for a quarter of a century. The pink bear fetishes are made of mother-of-pearl.

As seen on a local billboard:

Mammogram: It’s one photo op you don’t want to miss.


Thanks to Aunt Snow over at Doves Today, I’ve been inspired to join in PINK SATURDAY, hosted by Beverly at the blog “How Sweet the Sound”. Let the color pink inspire you!

7 thoughts on “A little bird told me

  1. I hate pink – but that necklace is beautiful! I wear a pink ribbon on my coat and a pink thing-a-ma-jig that reflects light when I’m out walking. Come to think of it – it saves lives in two ways… The money I paid for it goes to cancer research and I’m visible from afar along the roads.
    Yes, I’m one of those who have personal experience of breast cancer. I was diagnosed and operated on in 2004. Mine was a slow-growing kind so I didn’t need any additional treatment after the surgery. Three years later I became ill again – but that’s another story.

  2. What was the bumper sticker I saw? Something like “grab some tatas!”, as in, well, get a proper checkup, etc etc 🙂

  3. I love that necklace! We used to make similar ones when I lived in Southern California in the 70s. There was a place that sold the tiny silver beads, and the mother of pearl fetishes, stocked in little clear plastic drawers. I used to love to pour over all of the possibilities. Seeing this made me miss that kind of jewelry! I imagine one could get those supplies today at Michaels or some similar crafting store! Thanks for the inspiration!

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