MTM: A walk in the woods

SuperDad likes to mix it up when it comes to our “workouts” — some days we swim, some days we take a hike, some days we do a bit of yoga.  I was especially pleased that our Friday activity was walking along a trail he discovered while mountain biking.

It was a mere 12-minute drive from our house to where we could park the car and pick up the trail.

Come walk with me under a canopy
of limbs that drip with leaves,
Along a path where footsteps are silenced,
Padded by needles of Ponderosa Pine

Tall limbs reach and bend toward one another,
Gothic arches in nature’s sanctuary
Aisles sprinkled with golden offerings,
Ebenezers raised by unknown priests

Follow this path through the woods
Your reward will be an open vista
Where trees stand at attention, waiting…
Can you hear the mountains shout and the valley echo in reply?

*Click here for a definition of an Ebenezer.