Remember the Soldier, the Airman, the Marine…
Remember those who ride the seas: the Navy and the Coast Guard…
Remember the sacrifices…

Consider the dangers faced, the fears conquered…
Remember those who came home scarred by wounds seen and unseen.
Remember that more will be arriving.

Be grateful that you are not forced to go away; those who serve so honorably do it willingly — and in your place.

Look around you, find a Veteran to thank.

And if someone asks you to purchase a poppy on November 11th, please do it in remembrance of all who have gone before.

7 thoughts on “Remember

  1. We do remember.. with gratitude. In Canada, the only reason you may see someone without a poppy is that it probably fell off. It’s not uncommon to purchase 2 or more throughout early November. It’s all to a good cause. Thanks for your fine post, KC.

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