I am thankful that…

  • my husband is in the kitchen, making Manhattan Clam Chowder from scratch, while I click away here at the computer.
  • so far, no nits have been found in our 12-year-old’s hair. Granted, the letter from the school nurse just came home today — the one all parents dread, the one that begins, “Your child has been exposed to head lice in the classroom.”
  • we are going to pick up Encyclopedia Blue tomorrow at the university. He’s counting down the hours until he can come home to eat and sleep and generally take a break from routine.
  • we will also get to eat lunch with MusicMan & Rapunzel before they travel to her parents’ home for Thanksgiving break.

What are you thankful for today?


11 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I do not know what Manhattan clam chowder is but my goodness it sounds yummy.

    I’m thankful for so much at the moment. Most of all the health of my kids and us.

  2. Sounds Fantastic! I am thankfull for the four days off i will have next week! and my husband and i are going to see dave matthews and tim reynolds in concert tomorrow night!!!

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