It’s Monday

We’ve had a wee bit of snow on the ground for a few days now, with dangerously icy streets (Friday night fun? walking up to the nearest busy intersection to watch drivers navigate the corners and stop signs) and some frigid temperatures.

None of that stopped us from going to college on Friday.
Well, that sounds a bit strange, I guess… SuperDad & I left the 2 youngers in school here in town and drove a couple of hours to see our college kids.

Oh, my.

It was a shocking sight. And not just because of EB’s untamed facial hair…

…or the fact he was barefoot in the snow (we saw THAT last year).

There was also Poodle Hat  er, um… MusicMan’s hair, which hadn’t been cut since August.  SuperDad & I spent the lunch hour trying to come up with a good name for it.

These two are spending Thanksgiving with her family this year, but Rapunzel assured us that she would cut his hair.
We’ll miss them.

With family coming later this week, an extra hungry mouth to feed now (although he’s perfectly capable of feeding himself), I expect to be extra busy for a few days.

Happy Thanksgiving!  😀


12 thoughts on “It’s Monday

  1. OH KC, your sons! I am so glad to see those happy pictures 🙂 You have the absolute most fun family in the world! So glad you love snow so much, sounds like you are getting plenty!

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