No Crafter (is truly) Alone

1. It’s December. Just thought I’d throw that out there in case you forgot to turn the page on your calendar.  On the other hand, keeping it November for a little bit longer might be comforting.

2.  My husband has purchased my gift (and has already started playing with it) so in his mind, he is done with the holiday shopping.

3.  To be fair, he is also assisting with getting the kids’ gifts. Just don’t ask him what he is getting for the rest of the (extended) family. And guys wonder why we look at them with a mixture of disbelief and envy…

4.  I came up with more homemade gift plans on Saturday. The soonest I can get the help I desperately need is December 17th.

5.  Just when I was feeling alone and overwhelmed, I read SuburbanCorrespondent‘s post. Thank you, SC. I can’t hold a candle to your abilities but it’s good to know I’m not alone in crafting without a safety net.


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