I still can’t quite wrap my head around the knowledge that it is December already.

November, with your subtle colors and dreamy days, how I miss you!

SuperDad & I took a winter hike yesterday, bundled in hats and coats and gloves. The sky was a beautifully clear blue.

Most of the views while ascending the hill are of trees or vistas of the city below.  At the highest point — “Beacon Hill” — was a collection of power towers.
This one caught my eye.

In the distance you can see the local ski area.
We need more snow!

Carmi at Written, Inc., posts a photographic challenge each week called Thematic Photographic – this week’s theme is “A FLASH OF COLOR.”


8 thoughts on “Flash

  1. Same here. December caught me by surprise this year – but we need a lot more snow.
    The car testing people from Bosch, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and all the rest want thick ice on the lakes for their tracks.
    That view takes my breath away. Please tell me it’s NOT the view from your kitchen!

  2. That is a beautiful view.
    I live in one of the snowiest cities (it could snow 4 feet in a day and schools won’t close), we are having warm temps (45-50) and sunshine. Weird!

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