MTM: The Japanese Garden

There’s nothing quite like making plans for a lovely morning at the park, with hopes of a quite visit to the Japanese Garden… only to find the gates locked.

Through the fencing, we could see glimpses of the gardener working steadily.

I’m sorry to say that through the fencing are the only views I can share with you today of this lovely garden.

We will have to come back in about 6 months or so, when the deciduous plants are leafed out and the gates are unlocked.

However, the Japanese Garden is only one section of this large, beautiful park.

I’ve blogged before about the Rose Garden, which currently looks like this:

That is some serious mulching!

We did some more wandering through the park, both on this day and back in September, so I will have future MTM posts with subtle shades of late fall and late summer bursts of color to share with you during the coming dreary days of winter.

Something to look forward to…  🙂


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