16 plus 1 day

We brought him home on St. Nikolaus Tag sixteen years ago today.

Er ist mein deutsches Baby.

For his first 2 years, we lived in Germany…  and apparently fed him weeds from the garden.

Sometimes he also got cake.

He played in the mud, because that’s what boys do.

He had other adventures, too.

He had a dog to love and call his own.

There's a reason we call him Humorous-Juniorous.








He is incredibly smart. How smart? Well, he somehow managed to get me to make him both a birthday pie and a birthday cake — both chocolate, of course. H-J scored so well on the PSAT last year that  colleges are already sending him information. He’s currently a high school sophomore.

He is studious, polite, kind, and currently the scariest person to get behind the wheel of my minivan. 😉

His birthday was yesterday, but we still have plenty of birthday dessert, so I figure it’s not too late to say,

Happy 16th Birthday, Humorous-Juniorous!


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