About that hike on Wednesday…

1.    Hiking in December around here means that I dress in layers and complete the ensemble with a fleece headband, knit hatscarf (it’s a 2-in-1), and thick mangloves.

2.   In other words, I look like a blue Michelin man despite having lost quite a bit of weight since mid-July. (click on pic to embiggen)

3.  Unlike the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Michelin man, I can crouch down into an impressive squat… you know, you’re out hiking for a few hours and you’ve been looking at water, then you stop and it’s cold… and there’s a big tree on the hillside to hide behind. It’s best to keep a low profile so you don’t moon any unsuspecting hikers.

4. When getting close to nature (see #3), it’s best to have your supplies handy BEFORE you squat. Otherwise, you will have… um… finished, but with your pants around your ankles, madly checking your pockets for tissues and then leaning a bit sideways and forward to search deeper in those coat pockets… and basically losing your precarious balancing act on the hillside to a force of nature called gravity.
So while I’m very grateful for deep layers of pine needles that most certainly softened my somersault (no tumbling mat required), there was an additional white-tailed deer dear seen off the path yesterday.

5.  Totally changing the subject here:
I’ve been slowly dragging Christmas decorations out of strange places (because moving is awesome for mixing up your belongings) and getting ready for Jen’s Holiday Homes Tour on December 19th.  Have you signed up? 


14 thoughts on “About that hike on Wednesday…

  1. Thanks for sharing your bits from hiking, white-tailed dear. 🙂 I have not been out hiking lately and I am inspired by you. I did just get new long underwear from Lands’ End, so I’m ready.

    No holiday home tour here, at least not yet. I do need to drag out my boxes though. Sunday, I guess. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, it’s been a long time since I’ve peed in the woods (or the alternative). I’m not sure I could manage it anymore.

    So beautiful out there – the red-barked twigs behind you much be dogwood!

    And I love your cheerful blue parka.

  3. Looking at your wonderful photos remind me of “olden days.” It seems as if my idea of exercise these days is a good brisk sit. At this pace you will be a shadow of your former self in no time. I smiled at your white tailed dear!

    Hugs, Carol

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