Saturday Schmatterday

I slept in today, which almost makes up for spending the latter part of Friday with an almost-migraine. Since I already had the beginnings of a raging headache, I baked 3 pumpkin pies from frozen stringy pumpkin (don’t ask) and attended back-to-back high school basketball games.(What? Someone has to do it… and how else can I meet other parents?)
Oh, the Noise NOISE noise Noise!
I’m pretty sure that there are no other sophomore parents at those basketball games. But that was Friday night. I know, I live an exciting life, which I follow up with a chaser of Tylenol.

Today’s photo assignment for the January photo-a-day challenge  is “something you’re reading.”  It can wait, because obviously I’m not reading at this very moment. In fact, the only thing I’ve read for the  past 24 hours has been recipes, blog posts, and facebook status updates, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want a picture of my computer screen. I’ll try to fix that later on today after working the concession stand at a college basketball game (What? Someone has to do it… and how else can I meet other parents?) and then head back over to the high school for more basketball even though — clearly — the other band parents have found better things to do. Whatever. I’ll cheer on my nephew and gag at the umpteenth playing of Lady Gaga songs.
I know, I’m in the minority, but I really don’t care for her stuff, and this will be the 3rd round of home basketball games this week, hence the third time I’ve had to sit through multiple Lady Gaga songs.
On the positive side of the coin, the pep band is getting pretty good at them, and I’ll take their version over the pounding distorted noise being pumped over the loudspeakers.

What fun are you pursuing this weekend?


4 thoughts on “Saturday Schmatterday

  1. I saw Madonna talking about Lady GaGa on “20/20” last night and it sounds like she’s not all that thrilled with Lady GaGa as well…just sayin’… Hope your head feels better. I had a bad headache here on the East Coast as well, yesterday…something in the air of America???

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