#20 – Someone I love

When I started this year’s  January photo-a-day challenge, I had hoped to post more regularly.  However, that hope was no better than deceiving myself with positive thinking. I can’t even get the rest of the Christmas decorations put away, let alone take fresh photos every day, based upon a theme, and post them to my blog . Some days I feel a bit like a car I saw parked at a curb: still covered in a layer of snow, the tires encased in 3 inches of frozen slush and surrounded with plowed and shoveled snow — it’s not going anywhere for a while, at least not without a lot of work on the part of the owner.

#21 – Reflection

One year ago, my mother was in her first weeks of Chemo.
This morning, I spent time with my friend WebMD, looking up my symptoms and trying to decide if I needed to see a doctor. Vanity, thy name is hypochondria. Eventually I decided that I didn’t have a brain tumor and headed to the pool for lap swim and exercise.


10 thoughts on “

  1. I hope your symptoms are not severe, whatever they might be…

    I love these two photos. Your boy looks so adorable in what looks like the belly of a snow lion.

  2. I CONFESS!!! My decorations are not put away, either. They are laid out in my “sewing room” not that I have done much sewing lately.

    Maybe tomorrow is the day I will finally put them away, because my older son goes back to school tomorrow.

    Thus endeth our 6 week binge of Firefly (far too short) and new Doctor Who… until we get one last Doctor Who disc from Netflix.

  3. Once you’ve been touched by cancer, it is fully understandable that diffuse symptoms compared to information on WebMD equals any number of serious illnesses… I’ve been there!
    Love the picture of your son.

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