4 in a row

Definitely not an (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

#22 – Your Shoes

boots in snow

Yes, I am wearing hiking boots with sweatpants — in public. This is not a fancy town. I’m not helping to raise the fashion bar but then I’m not slipping and sliding in the parking lot, either.

#23 – Something Old

This plate was a wedding gift from a dear old friend (her own mother lived to 102). The plate was hand-painted in Japan. There’s so much more to tell but it really deserves a post of its own someday.

#24 – Guilty Pleasure

Really? Does it have to be about guilt? I suppose I could post a picture of a chocolate bar, but I’m trying to see a small piece of dark chocolate as a healthy part of the day – something that keeps me from thinking there is no pleasure in a life-change eating plan.

Or perhaps I should have photographed a LaVyrle Spencer romance novel, but since she is now retired there are no longer new books of hers being published. I feel that loss most when I go to the library without my wish-list of books that I’d like to read.

So I guess I am left with 4bucks. I don’t like giving money to them. I can make a perfectly good cup of coffee at home – and I usually do – but once in a while, it is a treat to stop in and purchase a latte. I’d probably be a devoted sucker if they offered pumpkin lattes year-round.

#25 – Something you made

Let’s see… I’ve made my bed… but you’ve already seen a picture of that

I am going to resist the rather sick urge to show you the lovely spots I’ve made, compliments of a formerly dormant varicella virus. Apparently I have Shingles – although a brain tumor might have explained how I managed leaving out a title for that post. No, I didn’t leave the diagnosing to the interwebs; I actually took myself to the urgent care clinic yesterday. The pain was turning me into a Pain, so my husband muttered about a grizzly bear with a toothache and sent me out the door.

By the time I got home again, I wasn’t about to make anything just so I could photograph it. The only idea remaining was a mess — after all, I do seem to make a lot of them.. Perhaps I should photograph a mess? There are quite a few to choose from but they aren’t very nice to look at…

It was at this point that I looked around the room and noticed that no one had put away the puzzle I recently completed. Voilà!

Okay, so it’s not a rum cake or a quilt, but it was challenging and I did put it together… plus it looks nicer than the mess I could have shown you.


9 thoughts on “4 in a row

  1. Wait, what’s wrong with hiking boots and sweat pants?! Fashion seems less important when there’s the chance of breaking a leg.

    I contribute almost $4 to Panera for a latte every week day. And I don’t feel guilty. 🙂

    My mom and my best friend have both had shingles, and I know how much pain they were in. I hope it will go away soon, and not come back.

  2. Lovely shots, Karen but UGH for those shingles. Their initial appearance is strange and I so understand your fearful diagnosis. I had them when I first suspected I was pregnant with my second son. I had a huge lump in my lymph node and I jumped to the conclusion that I had cancer and was taking this baby with me. Well, it was just shingles and I was relieved.. baby was healthy.. and you’ll get through them too. I hope they clear up soon with as little pain as possible. Gentle hugs to you.

  3. I came over from Cassi’s blog at “Bad at Being Mom.” I love your photos in your “photo a day” challenge (which would be too much of a challenge for me. I sincerely hope and pray the shingles go away as soon as possible.

  4. shingles!! gah, you poor thing! glad you went to the dr though – i know someone who tried to “tough out” her shingles and now has PERMANENT SCARS from it. so, doctor intervention = a good thing 🙂

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