Twenty-six, twenty-seven

#26 – Colour
or “Color” for Americans who are picky (personally, I like the first spelling even if it does take an extra letter)

#27 – lunch

Just kidding…

salad with roasted sweet potato, turkey meatloaf and diced apples

Actually, you should be impressed. My husband has been taking a few days off from being my personal trainer & chef. Why? He was tired of not having time to do things he wanted to do because his free time was taken and cut into nearly-useless pieces by grocery shopping and continuous meal preparation . Women, say it with me: “Welcome to my life!”  He discovered that when your days are filled with several hours of exercise (2 walks and at least one other activity every day) and preparing healthy meals from scratch, there isn’t much time left to do anything else. Let’s just put it out there that I’m still the one who does the laundry, dishes, and kid-related stuff (making lunches, nagging, etc.).

So, right now he is off skiing while I am here making rum cake for a Chinese Lunar New Year/Year of the Dragon potluck party tomorrow. Because nothing says Happy New Year in Chinese like a rum cake. 


9 thoughts on “Twenty-six, twenty-seven

    • Janet, I think he always appreciated me but he now understands why I get tired of preparing meals. There simply isn’t enough positive feedback! So far, though, he refuses to admit that all those years of raising young children (with accompanied volunteering, chauffeuring, and other tasks) kept me from exercising and making every dinner from scratch.

  1. I can certainly say that with you: “Welcome to my life!”

    I’ll have to admit, though, that I’ve kind of given up on any real cooking. I have my excuses –we have strange schedules since we often have to teach evening classes, my kid won’t eat anything interesting and I’m tired of trying, etc. But really? I’m just tired of putting all that time into cooking!

  2. I am sure he recognizes that you have had a busy time of it. He may not realize just how much of a busy time you have had though. After all, the kids are now somewhat self-sufficient and make less mess and laundry than when they were little tykes. Love the colour photo!

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