Day 31: A Toast to Friendship

The final “assignment” for the  January photo-a-day challenge  is another picture of myself. I had my son take this photo on Saturday evening at the Chinese New Year party. The gracious hostess, my friend ~A~, lived in China for more than 8 years. We met in college in Seattle (which seems like a lifetime ago) and have popped in and out of each other’s lives for nearly 3 decades ever since then.  Thanks to the internet, our friendship has had steady communication for the last 12 years; even now that we live in the same town, we still shoot e-mail to each other.

So here’s to friendship!


9 thoughts on “Day 31: A Toast to Friendship

  1. yes, here’s to friendship!! And how wonderful you reconnected with your old friend. The internet has helped me reconnect with some old friends, and what a great thing it is!

    How wonderful, too, that you and I connected and consider ourselves friends. Maybe someday we will actually meet!

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