MTM: Deep Creek in Winter

hiking boots and Snow Trax

Today’s adventure — brought to you by Snow Trax — was hiking into the creek canyon that we biked to last fall.  It was sunny and clear after breakfast, so we simply waited for the thermometer to hit 32°F before heading north of the city limits. It only takes about 20 minutes to be on the trail.

SuperDad and SnakeMaster had come here for a hike yesterday without the Snow Trax. There was some falling and bruising involved. Today we had ski poles instead of walking sticks, and the spikes on our heels and wire coils under the balls of our feet made for minimal slippage.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a sizable snowfall of about ten inches. It’s been warm enough lately for the snow and ice to melt a bit; it’s been cold enough at night to re-freeze. This made the walk both treacherous (ice + hills = very slippery) and a bit of a mind game. There were times my eyes told my brain, “Don’t step in that puddle!” only to discover it was frozen solid.

Apparently there was an impressive snow melt earlier this winter, evidenced by sandbars left high and dry and high water marks on the rocks & snow.

The yellow jacket trap was still hanging in the trees where we saw it 4 months ago.

Carabiners await climbers

Today was one of those days I’m glad to have a digital camera. I uploaded over 100 pictures to the computer! It’s safe to say I’ll be sharing more pictures with you another time this week.


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