Not my kind of Camping

Also known as The Disappearing Post… I wrote it yesterday afternoon — Presidents’ Day — and I could have sworn I clicked “Publish” but it wasn’t on my blog this morning. I finally found it in my drafts file…

Today is Presidents’ day. As a child, it meant that we learned about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. As an adult in the United States, it usually means there will be sales and shoppers at the local mall. It is a federal holiday so the banks and post offices are closed, and the kids are home from school today.

Camp Nine

Yesterday, however, was a much more important date of note: the 70th anniversary of the signing of Order 9066 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, “Establishing the War Relocation Authority in the Executive Office of the President and Defining its Functions and Duties.” It was a horrific backlash to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor and the fear that the West Coast of the USA was in danger of attack. This order signed by FDR created suffering for more than 110,000 Japanese Americans who were sent to live in isolated “relocation centers” with little notice and even less information about the future. In essence, it was an American version of the Nazi concentration camps. It is an incredibly shameful part of the history of the United States.

A while back, I was lucky enough to win a book over at Jenn’s blog. Camp Nine is about one of these “relocation centers.”  In an example of serendipitous timing, the book arrived when I was already reading two other novels, so I set it aside and just picked it up to start reading yesterday — Sunday, February 19, 2012.  If not for winning the random drawing and a link I saw posted on facebook yesterday, I would not have realized the importance of the date.

I took a walk this morning and came back with prose in my head and pictures in my camera, ready to share with you, but mandatory yoga and limited computer time life got in the way — and I was kind of long-winded up above — so those words and images will have to wait. 


5 thoughts on “Not my kind of Camping

  1. I’ve ordered that book…
    Lately, I’ve also found quite a number of books written by survivors of the Holocaust – most recently one by Thomas Buergenthal who eventually became a judge in the International Court of Human Rights. The English title is ‘Lucky Child’ and the book is well worth reading. I saw another two books today at the library, also first-hand accounts of the same horrific time in our history.

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