When snow falls like mist

It is 38 degrees outside (3°C) with a gentle snow falling. Let’s go for a walk!

Listen to the soft buzzing of snow as it lands on the dried grasses.

Notice the bright butterscotch hue of gold and the red buds in the new growth on the old willow tree.

Snowflakes bloom as tiny white flowers on moss. Can you see them?

[click to embiggen]

Thin ice remains suspended in air where there was once a miniature pond, water collected from previous snow melt.

Bird song drowns out the soft buzz of snow as we complete our walk through the park.


3 thoughts on “When snow falls like mist

  1. I am taking an antler basket weaving class soon, so I’ve been watching a lot of video tutorials on different sorts of basket making. In more than one, people were snipping canes and pulling bark off of willows, so I recognized it right away.

    Nice walk. Thanks for taking me along with you!

  2. So beautiful! I love how you notice so many subtle things.

    I love the color of the willow shoots. When we visited Norway one winter, the place we lived was planted with dogwood, and the shoots coming up through the snow were bright red.

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