Thankful Thursday in Two Parts

Part One

SnakeMaster was the recipient of a new shirt from Grandma yesterday.

It goes perfectly with the hat she gave him a few years ago and the tomahawk he made at scout camp.

He was so thrilled! He promptly put the ensemble together and went outside to practice a little archery.

And then he ate supper, put on his Boy Scout uniform, and completed the final tasks to earn the rank of Tenderfoot.

Today after school, he changed back into his new outfit — adding moccasins to complete it — and helped SuperDad make a fire in the firepit.


Part Two

I went on a scrapbooking retreat last weekend and managed to finally get pictures from the 2010 family spring break trip to NYC into an album.

I also worked on a baby book for one of the kids (I’m redoing the books for the older 2 boys right now, combining the baby picture album with information and pages of the traditional baby book).

And of course, the weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a visit from Bob and Doug McKenzie of SCTV fame (and also the movie, “Strange Brew”).

These gals in the photo are from Canada which made it even funnier. I knew who they were the moment they walked into the room for the costume contest.    😀

Smalltown Me, you were the closest to the actual answer! I’ll be in touch with you via e-mail to get your address and mail your prize.
For those who have never heard of Bob and Doug McKenzie, you can look up clips from their old comedy show on YouTube. I’m partial to their version of the 12 days of Christmas.


13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday in Two Parts

  1. Ok, wasn´t even close. LOL.
    Ever since the robbery I have come to realize I need to have my pics developed and put into albums too. You have a treasure there.

    • Betty, Dumb and Dumber was actually a pretty good guess. If you can watch the video clips on YouTube, you will see why….
      I worry about my scrapbooks when it comes to loss through water damage or fire (or just plain loss during our moves). Having a blog where I have at least some of the pictures puts my mind at ease (sort of).

    • Take off, eh? 😉
      You already knew I loved Rush — Alex Lifeson’s guitar, Geddy Lee’s bass and vocals and keyboard, and Neil Peart’s drumming and lyrics. And I hear they are releasing a new album soon and then touring! 😀

  2. I enjoyed the pictures of SM. Congratulations to him for completing his Tenderfoot badge.
    I must be ancient as I don’t have any idea who Bob and Doug are.
    Hugs, Carol

  3. oh dear….. i knew these pictures would turn up sooner rather than later but very inventive of you to have done it as a costume contest… we had so much fun dressing up and just the retreat in general. I am currently trying to make the one on in Coeur d’Alene in June but as it is the same week as my sisters college graduation we shall see.

  4. beautifully done on the albums! There’s a full size (or maybe even larger) lion statute in a local cemetary here…I looked thru flickr and found a shot I’d taken of it:


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