MTM: A date at the museum

Should we make some of these for our backyard?

Last Monday was our wedding anniversary.

We’ve been married 24 years and didn’t even exchange cards this year. The benefit of us both forgetting to make a card — we were equally relieved that the other hadn’t gone through the bother of making one, so neither of us looked bad!

That’s not to say we didn’t celebrate! We had a pleasant date, touring a small museum on the university campus. First, we looked at some rather odd art from behind the Iron Curtain. Some of it made sense to me, but most of it did not, and I’m fairly cerain that the idea was not to make the viewer happy or comfortable. If that had been the extent of our date, it would have been a very poor choice for a celebration.

Luckily, the building had more than one gallery. We moved on to see these lovely pieces of blown glass…

Indian Orange Macchia with Teal Blue Lip Wraps (26 x 29 x 27”)

Chartreuse Yellow Macchia with Cadmium Yellow Lip Wraps (25 x 26 x 34”)

The first named color is what really shines when lit up from the inside in a darkened room. We were there in the morning, and although it was cloudy outside, there was still plenty of daylight shining through the windows of this room. I had to go to here to see what they look like in the evening when lit up from the inside.

If you haven’t guessed by now, these are made by the famous blown glass artist, Dale Chihuly.

I’m excited to learn from his website that Chihuly Garden and Glass is scheduled to open in Seattle this spring!

This incredible red chandelier was created in 1995 by Mr. Chihuly.

It has approximately 800 separate hand-blown glass forms, is 18 feet long and (at its widest) 6 feet across.

Lit both from the inside (red neon) and outside, it glows red and reflects light from applied gold leaf. My camera could not do it justice.

We concluded our date by having lunch at an Irish pub. SuperDad isn’t fond of my constantly taking photographs, so I gave him the gift of enjoying the excellent Reuben sandwich and the expertly built Guinness with a shamrock design on the foam without taking pictures of his lunch!
Of course, I sort of regret it now… I’ll have to go back and order a Guinness just to take the picture. It’s a rough life.  😉

10 thoughts on “MTM: A date at the museum

  1. Happy belated Anniversary. Your husband sounds like mine with the photo taking. Mine hates it too, but later he´s glad there´s pics to look at. 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary! (Your post just made me realize that my husband and I once again completely forgot our anniversary. It was on March 7th. We do this every year, but since we both forget, it’s not a big deal.)

    I’d love to see some of Chihuly’s art IRL some day. We have a rose named after him.

  3. At least your hubby doesn’t stick his tongue out whenever a camera is pointed in his direction. Happy belated anniversary!

  4. I love Chihuly! Our Kalamazoo Art Institute has one of his orange/red chandeliers in its foyer, tho it’s not nearly as big as yours. A few years ago he had a show at the KIA with his outdoor glass sculptures in the courtyard – just beautiful!

    And Happy Anniversary to you – we celebrated our 24th in February.

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