Winter Escape

The week before Christmas, we had yet another reason to love living near extended family…

To the scenes above, add the bite of a chill wind, the squeak of my boots on the snow, a black field mouse scurrying into its hole in the late afternoon shadows, a coyote trotting along the side of the woods by the road.

near Tamarack, ID

The snowy “rivers” in the mountains above the house are the ski runs that were filled with family just a few hours earlier.

SnakeMaster (in middle) with 2 cousins

Humorous-Juniorous, MusicMan, and SuperDad

It’s pretty awesome when you have extended family with a vacation place near a ski resort!

MusicMan, Encyclopedia Blue, Humorous-Juniorous, and their aunt

Right now, I’m on a different sort of winter escape — I’m spending 2 days with Rapunzel (my future DIL) and her mom, attempting to get some wedding details taken care of. Hopefully I’ll be back online Saturday, helping spread green around the internet while breathing in the scent of corned beef and cabbage.


3 thoughts on “Winter Escape

    • Ah, yay, it let me comment now, but I don’t remember what I originally typed beyond the fact that I’m glad you could enjoy the squeaking snow for me because we didn’t have much this year.

      Enjoy your escape!

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