A Tuesday Ten +1

1. WordPress is still giving my commenters a hard time. I’m sorry, friends! If it keeps up, I might have to switch over to Blogger…  *sigh*

2. SnakeMaster and H-J have been playing the harmonica lately. At first, we thought the cat liked it. She would come from the other room and climb up on the person playing softly. She’d even purr! But tonight, she nipped at SM’s elbow while he was playing. It might have been the vibrato…

3. SuperDad also discovered that Cleopatra doesn’t like Cat Yoga. Sorry, there is no video going up on YouTube.

4. I tried learning how to Skype. It worked with our B-I-L (who uses it all the time with his adult kids) when he was giving us a tutorial over the phone while skyping, but when I tried it, it was either soundless on my end or the feedback was so awful that the cat punched me in the leg. (Really — she meowed and tapped incessantly until the feedback was silenced!)

5. The podiatrist is about to be $500 richer — directly from my bank account to his office, since orthotics are not covered by my insurance plan. He’s also not a fan of barefooting. I’m sure he’d be horrified if he saw my 19yo son, who hasn’t worn shoes for the past year.

6. In an attempt to kick-start some weight loss, my personal trainer (SuperDad) has put me on a 2-week Atkins induction plan.

7. I cried today because I couldn’t eat an orange.

8. I’ve been sipping green tea all day long to try to sooth a sore throat. It’s especially helpful after a coughing fit. After all, I can’t have orange juice or a popsicle.

9. We took a twilight walk in the NOT SPRING air after supper, but I only made it 6 blocks before an elephant sat on my chest. The cold wind, my tired lungs, and general lethargy got the better of me and my plan to walk to Wally World for a bottle of periwinkle nail polish. (I wanted something to cheer myself up. Besides, the bright green polish from Friday night is wearing off.) 

10. Always in the back of my mind this spring is my mother’s cancer. March 15th marked the one-year anniversary of the surgery that let us know how bad it really was; she died exactly 3 months later. It is strange to me how affected I am at this time of year, but I suppose it makes sense… I was there for 10 days when she came home from the hospital. It probably also has something to do with the fact I stayed at her house for 24 hours last week. Grief and remembrance are peculiar beasts.


8 thoughts on “A Tuesday Ten +1

  1. Bike riding weather is here! I hope that will kick start my weight loss. 🙂

    I am terrible about wearing shoes. I’ve had orthotics for 15+ years, but I don’t wear them much. What I do need to do is buy some, I think, Birkenstocks. One of my issues is those outer bunions below my pinkie toe and these shoes are supposed to lay the foot out just right. Why do they have to be so expensive and ugly?!?!?!?!

    Sorry. 🙂

  2. Awe, I hope you feel better soon. Atkins is sooo hard! I love me some carbs and fruits. I hope you see a great result though, if you manage to get through the first two weeks!

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