Spring Break, college style

This is what EB looked like when he came home for Spring Break:


And this is what EB looked like before anyone ate supper that evening:


You’re welcome.


13 thoughts on “Spring Break, college style

    • The curls were nice at Christmas but they were out of hand and untamed by March. My husband grabbed the goat scruff and a pair of scissors back in late November when the kid looked really bad. It was less of a beard and more of a growth…

      He does a pretty good job of keeping the girls away on his own. He doesn’t wear shoes. Ever. Add that to the beard & hair, and you’ve got someone who looks the part of a homeless bum. The church ladies keep asking if he needs money for shoes.

  1. Thanks for making me laugh!
    I fully understand the ultimatum you gave him prior to dinner – and the church ladies’ concern… Without shoes all year-round in NW US???

      • Well… runners from Ethiopia have participated in Marathons and other long-distance competitions running barefeet.. in summer, that is!
        Am trying to not judge from the basis of my own cold feet and my quest for the ultimate shoes for winter!

  2. (Channeling my mother now…) It’s nice to show that handsome face.

    The shoeless thing.. my friend’s ex rarely wears shoes and I’m curious as to why. Does EB ever express why he prefers to be barefoot?

  3. He’s a handsome lad either way. I can understand barefoot indoors, but not out, my feet are so cold most of the time though that I am in socks most of the winter.

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