Hoodoo… Hoodoo you think you’re foolin’?

We couldn’t just drive straight to Tucson for spring break. For one thing, there aren’t any direct ways to get there from here unless you are a bird (which I am not).

This particular family isn’t all that fond of long days in the car, and since flying wasn’t an option, we decided to spice up the travel with a few places of interest along the way. Our first reach into the spice cupboard took us to Bryce Canyon National Park, where the weather changed every 15 minutes.

Yes, it is snowing... and it was taken only 15 minutes later!

As always, click on an individual photograph to fill your screen with the image. 

I took a shorter hike than my accompanying menfolk (they were gone an additional hour) and by the time they returned, it was snowing again.

**Hoodoos are the curious shapes formed by water, ice, and time as the sandstone is worn away.


8 thoughts on “Hoodoo… Hoodoo you think you’re foolin’?

  1. Just beautiful. What an amazing spot. Imagine those trees still taking root and growing in such an inhospitable place. Lovely.

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