My Town Monday: “But for now…”

Early Spring in the Park

After weeks of it being too muddy to take a pleasant walk in the park behind our house, the sun came out and warmed the earth and air. Within two days of this lovely weather, buttercups and little purple flowers bloomed. I know this because my sweet 12yo brought me one of each.♥  I set them in a shot glass a tiny, clear glass for a centerpiece at our dining room table — a celebration of the arrival of Spring.

With fewer mud puddles and no raindrops, I ventured out at twilight a few days ago with my camera.

This little undeveloped park is one of the blessings of living here.

In a few weeks, I suppose there will be mosquitoes, but for now, the standing water is there as a boon for twilight photographs.

Later this spring the park will be filled with wildflowers. But for now, I will enjoy the peaceful reflections found in the early part of each morning and evening.

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