Desert in bloom

While on spring break a few weeks ago, we ventured as far south as Tucson, Arizona. To my knowledge, no one was blinded by my white legs — although sunglasses probably helped with the glare.

Truthfully, I doubt anyone was looking at my freshly bared skin because the desert was in bloom.

prickly pear cactus

The bees have been busy

The blooms above are seen on the stalk of the spicate group of the agave plant below.  (In the background is a paniculate agave.) These are known as Century Plants because they take 50-60 years to grow, then in the course of approximately 3 weeks, they shoot up a stalk and bloom in a matter of days, before the entire plant dies.

If you want to feel international, go to a tourist destination where you will hear multiple languages. Luckily, the language of flowers is spoken everywhere — especially in early April at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson.


10 thoughts on “Desert in bloom

  1. These pics are awesome! I know from our own cactusess (??) that you have to go up close to see the beauty of the flowers.

  2. Lovely! I have not been fortunate enough to be in the desert when it is in bloom. It is pretty amazing! You have a lot of wonderful shots there

  3. Read, it is pretty and amazing! Not that it is amazing you have good shots.
    oh, I’ll just quit now and have a nap. You can’t imagine the typos I have corrected!

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