In the Pink!

On Tuesday afternoon, the teenager came home from school and asked, “Was that tree pink yesterday?”

The answer is, “Well, sort of….”

On Sunday afternoon, I returned from Mom’s Weekend at my older kids’ university and noticed a faint pink haze on the neighbor’s tree. By Monday evening, there were some definite pink blossoms and Tuesday afternoon there was no denying the presence of PINK  in our neighborhood.


Tuesday afternoon was also when SuperDad decided it was time to put the kayak in the river again.  The water was faster and higher than the last time (a few weeks ago).  Comparing photos, I’d guess the river was running about 3 feet higher this week.  Retired husbands are not tame creatures.

We already have a good spot to put the kayak into the river (basically right where I was standing to take this picture), but on Tuesday morning SuperDad took a bike ride to search out a better place to beach the kayak. It was very important to find an area with calm water (most often found prior to rapids) where he could easily maneuver the boat to shore because further downstream there are two sets of serious rapids, currently “running as extreme class-4 rapids – so treacherous that even experienced river runners should stay away.” [quoted from the city newspaper, dated April 7, 2012]  Had I read that article prior to writing this post, I would have tried to dissuade my husband from his kayaking adventure. Even without that knowledge, I admit to being nervous about it all; a man went canoeing 2 weeks ago and although they found his backpack & canoe this week (pinned under 4 feet of water), his body has not been found. Apparently that man had neither a life jacket nor a helmet — both highly advisable safety measures.

While SuperDad may think he is in the pink, his sister here in town tells me that people die every spring in this river because they misjudge the power of the water. I’m thinking I won’t be agreeing to ferry my dh to the drop off point or pick up point in the near future. He might think he is smarter and safer than other people, but I think he was just cautious and lucky. Me? I want to keep that illusion of safety instead of having it shattered.

Looking down at the rapids from the footbridge at Bowl & Pitcher

The water flowing in the river truly is powerful. Here is the wooden suspension bridge I have previously photographed. It is about a half-mile downriver from my husband’s new take-out spot. After loading his gear back into the truck, SuperDad and I went to stand on the footbridge and look at the river and those Class IV rapids. This picture was taken looking directly down on the upstream side of the footbridge. Several hundred yards downstream are the huge boulders that make this spot so dangerous (aside from the smaller boulders also in the river). Standing there on the suspension bridge and looking downstream, I felt like I was standing on the back of a ferry, crossing Puget Sound. The sensation of movement was dizzying.


Last weekend and this weekend…

As I mentioned earlier, last weekend was spent at the university.

There was no way I was going to sleep in my boys’ dorm rooms, and Rapunzel [the girl with the magic hair] already had her mom and her aunt sharing her dorm room, so I was lucky enough to be able to sleep on the couch of a graduate student I know. Every hotel room in town — even the worst one — was filled with Cougar moms. (Not that kind of Cougar mom!) We walked uphill both ways everywhere we went — and we went a lot of places!  We went to a craft fair, saw the penthouse greenhouse, and took in a performance of The Mikado (the “kids” knew two of the performers and one of the musicians). We ate at a great little coffeehouse for supper, walked to the theater to see Sherlock Holmes 2, and then returned to the coffeehouse for coffee (how cliché) and listened to a bluegrass band (not cliché). Did I mention we did a lot of walking? The college students are used to it, but the aunt/moms were not! (The campus is really hilly, so it truly is uphill both ways.) It was also my first weekend wearing orthotics… what a joy to remove my shoes at the end of each day!

This weekend I will be off on another adventure: my annual girls’ weekend, which traditionally includes wine tasting and rainfall. We’ve held this event for 5 out of the past 6 years, at five different locations — and in four different states –and it has rained every. single. time. By the 4th year, the rain became a humorous addition (although maybe that was because of the wine tasting).

If you’re still reading and not just skimming through this rather long and rambling post, Congratulations! You’ve reached the end!


6 thoughts on “In the Pink!

  1. That is a frightening amount of water!

    Enjoy your girls weekend. I’ll be off to, you guessed it, take my son to another bike race.

  2. LOL! I read every single word. And loved it. Do NOT go on those rapids, is my advice. And DO enjoy that girls weekend. I would love to do that every year.

  3. Busy, busy. I would be worried about the kayaking, also. That’s just a lot of nasty water.

    Love the pink blossoms.. I can practically smell them from here.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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