For the birds


The Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona, has more than beautiful outdoor garden displays.


There is a fascinating aviary you can walk through.

Western Scrub-Jay

Thanks to Quilly‘s Amoeba who helped me figure out the names of these 2 birds (above and below) via the magic of facebook.

a bald (!?!) white-winged dove


There was also a hummingbird aviary.

This brightly colored little guy was very difficult to photograph, and some of his buddies preferred to only flash their colors at me.   [click on any photo to embiggen]

But then someone pointed out a hummingbird nest…

Soon we came upon another nest, this one with a bird in it!

Nest as seen from below (top picture) and from the side (lower picture)

I’ll leave you with the sort of image most people expect to see in the Sonora Desert:

A woodpecker busily works to find food.

How many birds do you see in the picture above?


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