All the News that’s Fit to Print

  1. I’m still working on the final post about Arches National Park. I’m finding it difficult to find the right words — or even just to write words that fit the pictures. And it is taking me a long time to choose the best photos to share with all of you. I’ll get it done, though, I promise!
  2. My college boys have been home for nearly a week. So far, the lawn has been weeded and mowed, rocks have been picked out of the garden areas in back and moved to a new rockery area in the front of the house, the bathroom exhaust fans have been replaced, and the attic is being prepped for additional insulation.
    The oldest son has begun looking for outside work.
  3. Our local job market? It’s not looking good for summer hires. At some point, my husband may need additional ideas on how to keep our young men busy working this summer.
  4. If you have young kids in public schools in the United States, you probably already know it: this week has been Staff & Teacher Appreciation Week:  Hooray for all the great teachers and other adults in kids’ lives!
  5. Did I mention that my college boys have been home for nearly a week? Um, yeah… there’s a lot of testosterone in my house these days: retired husband at home full-time, 21yo young man, 19yo young man, 16yo boy-man, and 12yo boy.
    I am sorely in need of a Girls Night Out!


6 thoughts on “All the News that’s Fit to Print

  1. Love that picture! Your husband looks like he´s one of the boys. Your household must be so different from mine…(me having girls).
    But enjoy the time with your boys! Hope your son does find a job!

  2. That is a great photo of all your tall thin men 🙂 I am sure that you won’t have very much trouble keeping them occupied during the summer. After all, you have barely been in your new house, time to make it yours now!

  3. Thank goodness my son is lined up to coach water polo–and has a couple of other job leads as well. They do tend to get better about helping out once they’ve been away from home for a year.

    Not much of a family resemblance is there?!

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