La la la la Lilacs!

We’ve had a few warm days so we went back to the big beautiful park on the south hill of town to look at the flowers.  We should probably make this a weekly event from now on, because it changes visibly with every visit. On this day, the rock walls were bursting with color.

The formal gardens (where the annuals are displayed) remain empty for a little while longer, but the perennial gardens are piquing my interest with tight peony buds and green bunches that have yet to show their blooms. Tulips were scattered about to lend color. But what we especially came to peek at were the lilacs…

Not yet ready for viewing

There wasn’t yet much color in the lilac garden — yes, there is an entire garden devoted to lilacs, I live in “The Lilac City” — but what was visible were tight buds just beginning to open.

From pink…

…to purple.

Happy Mother’s Day!  ♥


10 thoughts on “La la la la Lilacs!

  1. i was JUST trying to explain about lilacs to one of my classes….here in nagasaki, i have never seen them (though one student did tell me there is ONE PLACE to see them, at a theme park near here). oh! how i miss the smell!!! so incredibly beautiful!!!

  2. My sister and I were in Spokane today and because of your blog, we found this park and went to see the lilacs! sooo pretty and the smell… thank you so much for sharing, I am learning new things about your city all the time 🙂 (and i’ve been there more time than i can count but had no idea places like this existed)

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