What is it? Wednesday: the answer from last week

Last Wednesday I posted this picture:

and asked you, “What is it?”

Personally, I rather thought it looked like a Pokemon character (but definitely not the right color).

Here is the uncropped photograph:

The pool where SuperDad and I swim is on an Air Force base.  Smalltownmom and Betty guessed correctly — it is an inflatable life raft used by the Air Force in their Survival School.

Photo of Air Force personnel in training, from Wikipedia commons

It looks like they were doing a casualty exercise (because, sadly, airplanes do sometimes crash).


I’m unplugging for a few days. There is still a bit of work to do on my mom’s house to get it ready for sale, and now is the time. I might take the laptop with me (I do have some actual work to do that isn’t online) but there is no WiFi available. Mostly I will be scrubbing the deck by hand and beautifying the yard in the rain. (I’m assuming the rain part of the equation, but it’s a pretty safe assumption.)
Now if only I could be convinced to do that at my own house!


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