Hello, June

Friday Five:

Five rather random thoughts and 5 photos from Memorial Day

Suddenly, it is June! The iris are in bloom, the grass is green, and the trees seem to have ceased their constant releasing of yellow pollen.  For the iris and the beauty of the world around me, I am grateful. MusicMan is very grateful that he can stop taking Benedryl.

My calendar is rapidly filling with details for the month. I have a beautiful calendar that hangs on the wall between the pantry and the laundry room… but we tend to not use it. Instead, everything gets “written” on Google Calendar in various colors. Today I finally manged to make dental appointments for 4 of us and a doctor appointment (physical) for SnakeMaster’s scout camp. Then in rapid succession, we were informed of 2 award ceremonies for next week (H-J is amazing his teachers) and a “fund run” for the elementary school.

Did you know that Flag Day is June 14th? For some reason, our house doesn’t have a flag bracket so we haven’t yet been able to hang out our flag on appropriate days. I’m a little embarrassed by this omission. Maybe it can be corrected by that Thursday…

SuperDad and I are discussing options for a week of camping. No matter which week we choose, something will have to flex or be given up if all 6 of us are going to go camping together. In my mind, it shouldn’t be that difficult since no one in my house has a paying job. But then again, the calendar is rapidly filling up for the month of June.

It’s too late for H-J to sign up for an online PE class this summer (he prefers to take academic classes during the school day, and he still has a Physical Education requirement to fulfill) but he did find out about a Computer Programming Academy… so July may fill up fast, too!

Do you have anything exciting or interesting (or dull but has to be done anyway) for June?

12 thoughts on “Hello, June

  1. I knew I should’ve stayed married to one of my two Air Force husbands! We could’ve been retired by now…dangitall 😉

    Let’s see:

    6/2: Queen of the Sun dinner/movie at Plimoth Plantation
    6/5: Eileen’s bday
    6/10: We have Ralphy for the day
    6/13: Dave has his very first in a LONG time physical with a new primary care doc (he didn’t have one before)
    6/15: Strawberry festival and Dave has a gig
    6/21-15: Off to upstate NY with Maureen to visit Kim (and enjoy my birthday!!!)
    6/29: Lunch with an old office mate who is now a assistant DA (and a new Mom) 🙂

    That’s it so far! I like to keep it relatively simple.

    Aren’t you glad you asked?

  2. enjoy your spring, Karen. We are about two weeks ahead of you out here in Virginia and deep into Rose season. the lavender is also purling up quickly and harvesting begins this week. Right now, camping sounds like a lot of fun and I am not even a camper at heart.

  3. Flag Day has been easy for us to remember as it was my MIL’s birthday. When she was little she thought the flags were in honor of her birthday. Carol

  4. Isn’t it amazing how the days fill up? None of us has a scheduled job this summer either (I’m teaching an online class, but I can do that from anywhere) and yet it’s getting hard to find time to schedule things already!

    How does an online PE class work? Lots of typing to work out the fingers? 🙂

    • For online PE, the students have a monitor to wear around the chest and a watch-type thing that worked in combination. It recorded date/time/heartrate, etc. and then you would upload the information to the computer. There were fitness tests you have to complete and papers(online, of course) to write about health. It is actually more work than a class taken with others at school.

  5. Well, since I’ll be working until June 20th my calendar is pretty filled in. After that Midsummer with Dad and -B-, then it’s almost July!

  6. I love the fuzzy covered folding chairs! I have a couple of Dr.’s appt’s but other than that it is same old, same old. I live such a boring life. 🙂

  7. Late May and all of June are loaded up with birthdays. My niece, Frank, my sister, my son and my own. Throw in a few other events that we needed to attend and this month is going to fly by.

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