Always graduating

MusicMan, June 2010

It was MusicMan who started the trend for us two years ago.

Encyclopedia Blue, June 2011

Last year, it was EB’s turn.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

We have a graduating senior again this year! Well, he’s not technically ours… but now that we live close to family, their celebrations become ours as well. Last Saturday we were busy honoring the nephew. H-J played “Pomp and Circumstance” with the band, the rest of us* cheered from our seats.

Today, SnakeMaster will once again be promoted from grade school to middle school. Yes, again.

In our former town, this happened at the end of 5th grade; in our current town, it happens at the end of 6th grade.
Would you believe this also happened with his oldest brother?

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

Since I have now been through this particular kind of promotion ceremony 5 other times, I volunteered to be on the planning committee. I mean, how difficult can it be?
As it turns out, we have exactly one hour to turn the auditorium/lunch room into the celebration room before the ceremony begins. Half the committee will be there ready to charge into frenzied mode at 12:30pm. A few of us are meeting at 11:30am to pick up balloons and the cakes pre-ordered from Costco. Hopefully I remember to grab the frozen blocks of juice from my freezer and the punch bowl from garage storage (what? I don’t have storage in my kitchen, remember?) before I leave the house. I also need to pick up a few bags of ice to keep the rest of the punch ingredients cold. I’ve put the 2 large coolers next to the back of the car… although since I back into the garage, that is probably not the best plan. Guess I should put them into the car in full view!

*Sixteen family members had tickets for Saturday’s graduation. Everyone made it to their seats in time except for EB. He attempted to walk into the Performing Arts Center sans footwear and was denied entrance. That is one thing I would rather not have repeated today.


7 thoughts on “Always graduating

  1. Wow. I am pretty sure the only ceremony when I was in school was graduation from grade 12. Congratulations to your nephew and Snake Master.

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