Coming up rosy

home grown strawberry

strawberry from our garden

  1. The resident teenager continues to amaze me. He is scary-smart. He has his father’s sense of humor. And it turns out he has a pretty good work ethic and sense of where he wants to go in this world. In the past two weeks, H-J has raked in awards for excellence in 3 of his classes, earned 2nd place in the school Trimathalon (he’s a sophomore), joined the National Honor Society, and has been chosen as a drum major for the next 2 years. This is the same kid who was bored this week because there have been easy exams and parties in class.

    Pardon me while I do a proud mama dance…
  2. SnakeMaster and his teachers

    Yesterday was the promotion ceremony for the 6th graders, a total of 90 kids in 4 classes, who will be moving on up to middle school in September. Awards and certificates of achievement were handed out to the kids, the usual stuff — reading, writing, math, athletics, citizenship — and then they announced a special award. Each year, the sixth grade boy and girl voted most inspiring by their peers (teachers have no vote and no knowledge of results until the principal announces the names at the ceremony) will have their names engraved on a plaque that hangs in the front hall by the office. It’s a special award that our elementary school has named after an outstanding parent-volunteer who battled cancer, a truly inspiring and giving person. It’s a Big Deal to receive this award. You can guess what’s coming, can’t you? Most of these kids have been together since Kindergarten. We moved here last summer, so they hadn’t even met my boy before September 2011, and yet approximately 90 kids voted and SnakeMaster was chosen as the most inspiring boy. Somehow, my very shy, humble, kind, polite boy made a big impression on his peers over the past 9 months.  Both the principal and SM’s teacher got teary when they told me what a Big Deal it is to receive this award and how special he is to have been honored in this way.
    I’m a little bit in awe of this kid.

    Proud mama dance, take two…

  3. I do realize that my kids aren’t perfect. I could easily give you examples to prove that statement but it would kind of deflate my puffed-up heart.
  4. After rushing about to take care of cake and balloons and punch prior to the ceremony, taking a turn at serving punch, and then a bit of clean-up afterward, my feet were whining and crying like a 2-year-old who needs lunch and a nap. So I stopped by the store on my way home, bought a 6-pack of light beer, and limped into my house. Some nice person who lives with me put a cushion on the deck chair and opened the cooler with 3 inches of ice water at the bottom. I sipped a beer and soaked my heels until I couldn’t feel them anymore.
  5. Laptop computers are wonderful, but they don’t work very well on a sunny deck — too much glare! My dreams of blogging from my backyard have been jolted by reality.

11 thoughts on “Coming up rosy

  1. So happy for you… give your sons big hugs from me and pat yourself (and hubby) on the back fot the great job you’ve done in bringing up your boys. Cheers from Sweden!

  2. Smart and handsome to boot. That’s the way to raise boys! Now if they will only support you in the lifestyle you are accustomed to when you are old and grey, you and Dave will have it made in the shade.

  3. Congratulations to you and SnakeMaster! What a fabulous award for a school to have, and what a fabulous award to win –that says a lot about him, and the family that raised him. I’ll bet proud-mama-dances don’t bother your feet at all!

  4. You have every reason to be doing the proud mama dance! Way to go boys! Enjoy it while you can, being boys, they will bring you back to reality soon enough. 😉

  5. WOW! Congratulations to HJ and SM. How wonderful that all four sons shine in their own special way. I can see you dancing — I can see your smile. Hugs from a mom who remembers her “dance” and her “smile” at school award ceremonies a long while ago. Carol

  6. Oh Karen… that’s so lovely. You and your hubby must be very proud of your wonderful boys. Good upbringing those kids had. Take a bow. 🙂

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