Busy Summer

Last week we took a family vacation. It was our final hurrah, the last trip with all 4 of our sons as “our boys.”

The weather at the beach was perfect. It was sunny and breezy, not too hot and not too cold.

The weather while camping on the way to and from the beach is subject of another post. Camping is a Fine and Pleasant Misery, to quote Patrick McManusBut I still love camping.

August 4th is the day when we add another member to our family: the lovely Rapunzel.

In the meantime, there are things to accomplish — like purchasing decent dress shoes for a boy or two, getting in plenty of exercise in this season of sunshine and warmth, taking time to enjoy a cold drink on a hot day, and perhaps even catching up on my reading.

What are you thankful for this summer?


3 thoughts on “Busy Summer

  1. I think I shall be thankful for good friends that like to take me with them when they go out of the city sometimes. But then, I always am 😉

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