Friday Five: Mo’ Busy

It has been a full two weeks for our family. We’ve gone on a camping vacation (5 days, 1 shower), came home for one night, cleaned up, then left for another 2 days to spend some time with my husband’s parents. This week included 2 nights in a row of concerts in the park.

1. First there was the big shindig downtown for the 4th of July while everyone waited for the fireworks show which was promised to be the best one yet, although I’m thinking that San Diego’s impressive burst might have outdone what we couldn’t see very well through the trees. Why oh why did they change where they lit them off? It was behind the crowds, for cryin’ out loud! saw. Next year we’ll probably skip the traffic and find a place on the nearest bluff to watch the fireworks.

Concert Under the Pines

2. We also attended the first of 4 outdoor concerts in our local park — not the natural area behind our house, but a much larger park with numerous tall pines, green grass, and a playground. Folks bring picnics, blankets, and chairs with them for this pleasant event where friends and neighbors enjoy a bit of relaxation and conversation together. Last night was the first of four concerts under the pines, but it was the final show for our local Air National Guard Band. The guys played and crooned classic rock as the day gently settled into the cool of evening.
If I was a humor writer, I would tell you about white-haired ladies doing the motions to “YMCA” and how the guys worked in the SNL skit of needing more cowbell. I would regale you with doggie tales, how snack-sized pooches tried their best to show shepherd breeds who was Bad… if I was a humor writer. 

3. On Thursday, SuperDad and I went for a bike ride along the Centennial Trail. This was our view at the turn-around point. —>
I hadn’t gone for a long ride for about a month, so 6 miles was my sensible limit, but the weather was near-perfect (not too hot, beautiful sunshine with a slight breeze).

4. While biking, we noticed a couple of women picking cherries in an old abandoned orchard. SuperDad returned a few hours later with a pail and picked enough ripe pie cherries to make this…

Rapunzel [the girl with the magic hair]

Since this post is already all over the place, so why not talk about last Sunday?

5. Last Sunday was a bridal shower for Rapunzel.
Isn’t she beautiful? That glow comes from inside of her. I’m so blessed to have her joining our family.

We are now four weeks away from Wedding Day!

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Mo’ Busy

  1. It sounds like you have had a busy couple of weeks. I need to get a bike that I can step through to get on…my old one is a men’s style with the cross bar at the top (and is the reason I suffered with my hip for the last few years). Sadly, I don’t have upwards of $400.00 to get one – and that is the cheapest I have found. Lovely view you have there and isn’t SuperDad the greatest? Did you ask him how many he ate while picking and on the way home? 🙂
    I am envious of Rapunzel’s hair! It seems I have been growing mine forever and it is not even near my bra strap. As a result, I am probably getting it chopped off in the next week or so. I have no patience.

    • Reb, I’d love an old fashioned step-through bike! I have to keep my seat low enough that I can feel solid ground beneath my feet when I brake and stop. SuperDad did mention that the cherries “weren’t too wormy” when telling his sister where to find them, but there were enough in the pail to make a heaping-full pie. (It came out a bit runny; I should have doubled the thickener.)
      As a child, I wanted hair just like Rapunzel’s. Funny how we always want what we don’t have…

  2. i have a girls bike 24 inch because the 26 inch womans bike is too big. cherry pie fresh from the orchard..that is a dream..what a fun few days you’ve had

  3. I am so envious of people sitting outside with long-sleeved shirts and light jackets!! We are currently in OH, and it’s as hot here as it was at home. And no pool.

    I struggled with a men’s frame bike when my hip arthritis started. Now it’s so bad I need a recumbent bike.

    Rapunzel is beautiful –and she looks happy and kind.

  4. that pie! Looks so good,worms and all.
    You are mother of the broom- lucky you. When our son was of the age to find a bride I use to tell him that the bride could have whatever she wanted. He said- what if I don’t want what she wants? I said suck it up.
    When he got married he said to me- this is her day and my job is to make sure she is happy- Oh- it’s a good match.
    I hope you love you gilr like we do ours.
    Cheers! M

    • If only everyone went on vacation at the same time (not all to the same place of course) — then all bloggers who read one another’s posts wouldn’t have to scurry about trying to catch up on each other’s lives!
      Hope your camping trip was fun! 🙂

  5. Oh my.. cherry pie is my all time favourite and that looks so yummy. And that’s so nice that you got a full family vacation in.

    I was at a bridal shower (my cousin’s daughter) a couple of weeks ago, also and that wedding is coming up in four weeks. You must be so excited.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful pie. Beautiful DIL to-be. I think she’s lucky to have a MIL who speaks so highly of her—that kind of relationship will make for a wonderful beginning to their marriage.

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