Garden-fresh Confession

fresh from the garden

To the dismay and disappointment of my dh, I am not a gardener.

It is simply not in me to get out there and dig in the same dirt that the cat digs in dirt, pouring my sweat and effort into something that is at the mercy of birds, bugs, slugs, and weather in general.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and admire gardens! I love the beauty of the colors and scents, and I surely do appreciate the bounty that comes from a well-tended garden. My natural tendencies run far from gardening, toward cleaner and less strenuous activities: photographing and suggesting things to plant. And yet, I do get out there and put some time in — a weeding frenzy here, a transplant there.

Luckily, SuperDad loves to put time into the garden, planting and tending and harvesting. We don’t have raised garden beds this year, but he planted peas, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, and yellow summer squash in various places on our small piece of paradise. Once we (and by “we” I most definitely mean he) figured out how to keep the chickadees from eating all of the tender young sprouts, the lettuce really took off and grew!

Today, I am thankful for a garden that produces good food to eat and a husband that gets out there and makes it all happen.


What are you thankful for today?


13 thoughts on “Garden-fresh Confession

  1. I am a lot like you but alas our SuperDad is not a gardener. I will have some tomatoes, lettuce and basil this year but I’m not attempting much more than that. My cat has a designated spot so the rest of the dirt is hopefully not tainted!

  2. Oh that looks so fresh and yummy. I’m not a gardener type either. Neither vegetable nor flowers. Perennials are the way to go for me. Right now, I’m grateful for the extra hours of sleep to which I returned after a false alarm with the carbon monoxide detector.

  3. Your garden sounds lovely, Karen. But don’t encourage him too much. Otherwise you will wake up one morning and find you have over 600 lavender plants, eleven new strips for even more lavender plants and umpteen raised garden beds full of perennials and annuals that need to be watered and weeded everyday! not that I’m cola inning, it’s just that I’m not getting any younger!…jus’ sayin’…

  4. No gardening genes here either. Indoor plants in my care must be of the sturdier kind – otherwise they wll soon be hugging the window, trying to suck moisture from outside. I much prefer my camera as a tool – and by now I’m old enough to do as I darned well please! 😀

  5. I still have things to plant, but a co-worker gave me a tomato plant and the only things I’ve planted so far are two onions that got old and sprouted LMAO! That looks lovely!

  6. I have always been more of a flower-gardener than a food-gardener, but I do appreciate the ripe cherry tomatoes, and the promise of the larger, soon-to-be-red tomatoes. This is a bad year for everything in the garden EXCEPT the tomatoes –they love 105 degrees!

  7. I love gardening but since moving to Florida we have too much shade in our yard, too much humidity in the summer, and too much heat to grow anything good. I do have a few pots of herbs on the patio and LOVE my little lime tree that keeps churning out fresh, juicy limes even though it looks a bit like a Charlie Brown tree.

  8. I’m staying with a friend in MN this summer who has NO grass and all gardens…both flowers and tons of veggies. I’ll try to post a few photos on my website sometime soon. Now I know where they got the term a “riot of color”. It looks amazing but I see the hours and hours of work that goes into it.

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