Whimsical and Wonderful

There’s a reason I call it Spokalulu…

We have plenty of bike racks!

Where else could you chain your bike to a dog?

The Bon Bon café

Or sip a cocktail at a tiny café next to a local treasure?

Or see a movie at this Art Deco-styled theater?

When this theatre opened in 1945, it was a showcase of Hollywood glamour and style, right here in the Spokalulu! Bing Crosby, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, and Ginger Rogers (just to name a few!) sent their congratulations at its grand opening. Happily, it has been preserved through the years, saved from destruction, and now shows second-run movies for only $4.50, along with some great popcorn.

Down the street you can find this iconic building:

Back in October (when I took these photos), this café had just suffered the effects of a nasty fire, along with the little café to the left. It was feared that the owners would be unable to recover their losses but both businesses have since re-opened, to the joy of the community.

Someday, I really must give each place a blog post of its own. What a good reason to take new, updated photos and a couple of meals out!


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