Ten on Tuesday, with cats!

1. As I write this, it is 10am and a lovely 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Last week it was in the mid- to upper-90’s. Y’all, that is seriously hot for a middle aged woman house without  A/C. It was also too hot for the other female in my home:

Too hot to play with a pencil

2.  With a hot weekend on the horizon, we decided it was best to take the cat with us to the grandparents’ house. They were out of town so we didn’t have to ask permission and their house has air conditioning!

Zen Cat is undisturbed by the teenage driver.

3. Cleopatra is a good traveler. She was confused (I think I heard her say, “Please, please don’t let this be another cross-country move!“) but ultimately glad to be with us for those 3 days.

happy to be home once again

4.  On Sunday evening, I think I even heard her singing:

Hey, it’s good to be back home again!
Sometimes this old rug feels like a long-lost friend.
Yeah — hey, it’s good to be back home again.

5. Do I owe John Denver an apology for that?

6. We actually had a purpose involved with the 3-day, 5-hour round-trip drive, aside from the  obvious pleasure of air conditioning — this past weekend was SuperDad’s 30th high school reunion.

7. I had never before observed my introverted husband enjoy that much socializing. I am still in shock awe over his display of conversational stamina.

8. While SuperDad was becoming overloaded with the socializing at a pool party with the boys, I was out shopping. Normally, I dislike and avoid shopping, but I was bit by a shopping bug (different than the ant bites that have been driving me crazy for the past 8 days!) and scored 2 new skirts and 2 new tops at a sale. The tiger-print maxi dress, however, was nixed by my husband after I modeled it for him. *sigh* I’m sure he is correct, but I did like it. (My tastes may be questionable.)

9. Part of the rationale for buying new clothes was to have some business casual to wear to work. Not that I have a job yet. Details, details! Actually, I have a 2-week volunteer gig this month where I need to show up in something nicer than my usual attire, and I have begun to look for some part-time work. Last night I discovered why it is a bad idea to fill in applications when one is tired; my online application does not have a visible way for me to correct my typo on my Social Security number. (This is especially embarrassing because it is an application for a secretarial position.)

This is the lovely Mrs. G. and her infamous cat folk art painting.

10. Kitty Gigantica is coming to my house! She will be here on Monday evening, along with the wonderful Mrs. G.  They have been on an epic driving tour of the U.S., and my house is her final stop before she heads home to rest up for the West Coast leg in September.

Karen with Kitty Gigantica

<– This is me with Kitty Gigantica last September at Mrs. G.’s house.  People, that is some seriously awesome cat folk art. I have beheld it with mine own eyes.

5 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday, with cats!

  1. Wow, 70 degrees! How was the humidity? We are having a cold front move through this evening –in a normal summer that might mean some rain and a high in the low 80’s tomorrow. Not this summer. I think they should be embarrassed to call it a cold front.

    Cleopatra is a beautiful cat!

    • Our humidity was hovering at around 50%. I’m thrilled that we’ve now had 2 nights with temps below 70 degrees. It’s so lovely when it cools off enough to make a difference inside the house and it is such a big difference from living in Virginia!

  2. Just caught up on a lot of posts. You are lucky to have a hubby to plant a good garden for you. Cleopatra has the best spot in the van for the a/c too I see 😉 Just far enough away that it isn’t too windy, but right in the flow of cold!

    Humidity here today has been around 61%, I feel like I live in Ontario! I want my dry air back, please.

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