Cortisone, Take Me Away!

1.  I’m itchy. I’m trying not to scratch, but sometimes I can’t help it. From my fingers to the backs of my hands, to my wrists and arms, all the way up to my shoulders, I’ve got an itch that wants scratching.

2.  I could blame it on the summer heat and call it a heat rash… but no, I don’t think so — mostly because that would entail places that are not currently driving me crazy. I’ve been in this situation once before and I recognize the signs. This is all about STRESS.

3.  We are two weeks away from the BIG EVENT: the wedding of MusicMan and Rapunzel. He’s taken care of his tux and shoes, so I’m not concerned him; it’s his brothers that don’t yet have what they need — long sleeved white shirts and black dress pants and black shoes. Those boys, they keep growing! Growing everywhere except their waistlines. My guys are tall and skinny. I challenge you to find attire, long enough for their arms and legs, that will fit their slender frames. In summer, without breaking the bank, because we need it in less than 2 weeks.  SuperDad was supposed to have their footwear taken care of by now. (Okay, I acknowledge, the biggest problem was getting EB properly shod, and apparently that has been accomplished. )  GAH! I’m growing itchy just tapping out these words!

4.  Yes, I know, the bride has the entire wedding to be concerned with and the groom’s mother groom only has to worry about a simple rehearsal dinner. But back to me and my stress: how many people are actually showing up for this dinner? I mean, we aren’t being fancy or anything, but I do need to feed everyone! There’s also the teensy issue of not having a refrigerator to store any leftovers because the wedding is taking place out of town. The details are feeling like Chinese Water Torture:

drip… (napkins)…
drip… (table decorations)…
drip… (don’t forget to purchase _____)…
drip… (oh, and buy _____, too!)…
drip… (fill in the blank because I KNOW I am forgetting something important!)…
drip… (yes, I need a couple cases of water bottles, too!)…

5. I’m going to try to get through the weekend before begging for steroids, but the last time this happened, I waited too long to get the meds and my arms were marked for a month. Did I mention that the wedding is in 2 weeks and my outfit for the wedding is sleeveless?


10 thoughts on “Cortisone, Take Me Away!

  1. I have a scratching problem, and I can relate. I marked up my calves so badly I couldn’t shave for weeks 🙂 I guess I should start encouraging Emma to elope, huh? It’s never too early!

    I’m sure the rehearsal dinner will go off without a hitch, but I’ll bet that won’t stop the itching.

  2. Your best bet for the boys’ attire is Norstrom Rack, in the valley near the mall. They carry dress shirts in up to 37 sleeve length, usually for less than $25, and slacks that are unhemmed which can usually be hemmed to 36″ – 38.”

  3. So sorry a joyous occasion has become stressful for you, Karen. Someone at Mrs. g’s place mentioned medication against hives, you might check that out.

    As for the things you mention –

    1) who looks at the shoes of the brothers of the groom, especially at a rehearsal dinner when everyone’s feet are under the table? Relax.

    2) napkins – who looks at napkins? If you’re going with linen, plain is best – your caterer/event venue can supply them. If you’re going with paper, just get nice sturdy ones. If paper, get at least two per guest, just in case. and relax.

    3) keeping leftovers – forget it. Yes, I know it’s wasteful, but, really, who will be eating rehearsal dinner leftovers? Unless you know of a good soup kitchen/food bank that will accept them, let go and toss ’em….and relax.

    Enjoy the real reason for the occasion and don’t worry. Congratulations to the happy couple. Enjoy your son’s joy and don’t worry about the details.

  4. I love Aunt Snow’s idea for donating the leftovers.

    You could order the clothes online–I bet their are some specialty stores where you could order clothes–especially since you’re looking for items that are fairly plain.

    Get the drugs!

  5. Bless your heart, you will get through this. I will be thinking of you and know you will all have a wonderful time. Lots of love from Va.

  6. Aunt Snow has a good idea about the leftovers and like the napkins and other tableware, either the venue or the caterer should have some ideas as to where/how to donate it.

    It sounds like you have your ducks in a row, so go get your drugs and take things one step at a time. Just remember the most important thing is to relax and enjoy your sons happiness.

  7. Take care of getting the meds so you can at least be comfy through this process. Then go to your second hand clothing stores. Here, it’s Goodwill and similar outlets. You’d be surprised how many items they have for tall, skinny guys. Both Frank and I have sons who fit that description and that’s where we have each found inexpensive formal wear for them.

  8. Honestly – you have some good bloggy friends my dear! Take their advice – and GET THE Meds! At the very least put some Cort-Aid, or something over-the-counter on until you can GET THE MEDS! Look at it this way, when you\’re on a plane and the attendants start talking about the oxygen masks… who do they say to take care of first? YOU! Once you\’re comfortable, the rest of the pieces will start falling into place! Love ya – and thanks for your calming comments on my blog!

    PS: your secret is safe with me!
    PPS: I couldn’t log in with my blog id so, just so you know, this is Lala @ Lalaland

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