Musical Mancake: an open letter to Mrs. G.

Dear Mrs. G.,

For more than four years now I have enjoyed mancake with my coffee. I commend you on the excellent and varied menu.

While I am particularly fond of the Firth flavor, I have also appreciated some of your more unusual  specialties. However, I have yet to see Zuill Bailey at Derfwad Manor. Please allow me to introduce you to him.

[Please note: Unlike a majority of my posts, not a single one of these pictures belongs to me — sad, but true. However, each and every photo is linked to the site where it was found.]

Zuill Bailey is widely considered to be one of the world’s premiere cellists. His own website presents excellent qualifications:

“His rare combination of celebrated artistry, technical wizardry as well as his engaging personality has secured his place as one of the most sought after and active cellists today.”

Did you catch that? One of the most sought after

Zuill Bailey_10

Having the pleasure of being at one of his recent performances, I can attest to the warmth and expression with which he plays his instrument — a 1693 beauty — and WOWZA! He can make that cello sing!

You’d be doing yourself a favor to stop right now to watch and listen to him play:

In my research, I came across an excellent review by Jane Coyne in which she writes,

“Bailey doesn’t play notes. He plays sounds and feelings. His cello is as beautiful as he is, but after watching him play it for awhile, it almost seems as if he becomes one with it and that he is dancing freely as an extension of it. His performance is simply a joyous experience for all. A living lesson in phrasing, his every stroke begins with absolute clarity. His fingers are fast and articulate, and he plays with a wonderful combination of strength and smoothness.”

And Commerce Press declares,

“Having Bailey around is an event.  Not only is he one of the world’s finest cellists, he is also known as a caring human being.” 

What do you think? Does he make the cut?

Sincerely yours,

3 thoughts on “Musical Mancake: an open letter to Mrs. G.

  1. Holy cow! Zuill Bailey Sr. was the band director at my high school (before he went on to be the Assoc. Superintendent of Schools for Music for our county), and Lana Bailey (this hunka-hunka\’s mom) played the organ at my wedding! They all attended my family\’s church; although the Gorgeous One and his sister are (ahem) a little younger than I am, I heard him perform many, many times during worship services.

    The internet is the smallest, smallest world!

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