Ten on Tuesday: Empty Nest Edition

  1. MM at the beach, June 2012
  2. This young man has moved out. 
  3. It was a little weird to see the truck pull away today.
  4. I’ve been re-reading Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
  5. The raw, honest look at the relationships between women (mothers, daughters, girlfriends) amazes me and makes me cry. Not every scene will resonate with everyone but there is a lot of painful truth in that story.
  6. I saw this article (click through if you haven’t seen it) and it hits me on several different levels. First and foremost, why pay for insurance if it is just going to hit a catasrophic cap and stop paying for your health care when you have cancer?
  7. My mother died from a form of colon cancer (appendiceal cancer) that wasn’t discovered soon enough. She ignored the warning signs (hello, poopstrong) because of other health issues at the time. I will now be the first to tell you that if Dulcolax isn’t helping you become regular again, get yourself to the doctor, STAT!
  8. Wedding update: today I’m taking care of me (beauty parlor visit), tomorrow the out-of-town family begins arriving. It’s been a year since I have seen some of them. It’s Tuesday and Saturday is coming soon!

What is happening in your life this week?


8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Empty Nest Edition

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  2. Driving home from Charleston, S.C. With Peter, Kevin and an antique garden arbor in tow. What a time these last four days have been for the 3 of us. I am thinking of you this week as you. You seem to become a bit more reflective than your usual self. Take care and enjoy the blessings of your life and week.

  3. You must be so excited already!! I can just imagine. 🙂 Our wedding date is Dec. 1st, so we still have some time to prepare.
    Thanks for the good health advice. People should really listen to their bodies more carefully.
    Have a great pre-wedding week!

  4. I am so glad I live in Canada and I am reminded of that every time I read about the exorbitant costs of medical care there in the States. My mom died of colon cancer too, so I keep a close eye on, um … you know what I mean. 😉

    Enjoy your you time and have a blast at the wedding.

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